• Doc: What brought you in tonight?
  • Intoxicated Patient: The ambulance.

Biochemistry advice

The semester has officially started for me and in a way I’m just really excited to begin and get rid of all this accumulated doubt in my abilities. On the other side, I’m feeling quite scared: will this semester be like the last one I had to retake? Can I really learn biochemistry when I don’t know much chemistry?
I suppose I won’t know unless I try…

The schedule says chemistry the next 2 weeks, so maybe if I can go through those 2 weeks and actually understand everything I might have a shot at biochemistry.
I’d love to hear what you all have to say about biochemistry - Any advice is highly appreciated!


The allergy specialist said that I was allergic to shellfish — but that was 10 years ago, so I don’t understand why this is happening now.

Patient with angioedema (swelling) reaction on the lips, hands, and eyelids after eating shrimp fried rice an hour before.

(Cranquis: “Ok, here’s your treatment: Benadryl, steroids, dunce-cap, epinephrine, cimetidine, ice packs… Oh, the dunce-cap? That’s standard therapy for acute flare-up of chronic idiocy.”)

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